C2050 Data Reduction

C2050 Data Reduction

C2050 is a project that was led by Katherine Newton-Mcgee, but is now run by JS. It is a project to find new calibrator sources that are suitable for flux calibration at mm wavelengths. This is desirable as Uranus and Mars (the preferable mm flux calibrators) are not always available during an observation, and may be too resolved in all but the most compact of ATCA configurations. The ATCA primary flux calibrator B1934-638 now works at 12 and 7mm wavelengths, but is still too weak at 3mm wavelengths to be useful.

For a primary flux calibrator to be suitable it must:

  • be a point source at the maximum resolution of the ATCA
  • have a stable flux over periods of many months
  • not be confused with other nearby sources

C2050 has the candidate sources:

  • G301
  • G309
  • B1718-649
  • 2203-188

This page is the top level page for the C2050 data reduction effort. Further detail on the reduction process and results can be found on the following pages.

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